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Shadows and Light cont.
Add a new layer.  grab the line tool with the darkest color and size 1.  Make crosshairs like this example.  Now grab the lasso tool and select the inside part from corner to corner, starting from the inner end of the white line.  Once selected, hit the delete key.  The idea is to define the corner areas up to the edge of the white line bevel.  Give that layer a gaussian blur of .50.
Add another new layer.  Now with the line tool, same color, but size 2, trace the outside edges of the jewel.  Give that layer a gaussian blur of 1.
Your image should look like this.  scoot the lines around.  Note this constitutes the bevel, you can make it larger or smaller, you can blur it for a duller effect.  I blurred in this example.  Now hide the background and frame layer then merge the visible layers.
 Now hide the jewel layer.  rotate the frame layer 45 degrees.
Add a new layer.  Grab your shapes tool.  Set it at square, outlined and size 2.  Make a square frame within the frame.  Notice I added some niose to my frame, I am looking for a rustic effect.  
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