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Shadows and Light cont.
Now add a new layer.  grab your line tool set at 10 and color white, antialias checked.  Makw a line parallel with the top left of the diamond.  scoot it over about 10 pixels.  Now we want to miter the corners.  The best way to do this is to use the shapes selector set at box and begin from the outer corner, come across the line then hit the delete key.
Copy the white line layer and paste it as a new layer.  Mirror and flip it.
Your image should look like this.  scoot the lines around.  Note this constitutes the bevel, you can make it larger or smaller, you can blur it for a duller effect.
Now add a new layer and grab the line tool again.  This time make the color a dark complimentary color.  In this case i chose with the eyedroper tool the darkest shade in my water.  Repeat the white line process only this time on the very outside edges of the two sides.
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