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Shadows and Light
A tutorial for LTAngel or anyone elso who may want to know about how I made the jewel adorning my pages!
Start with a new file, 200x200.  Add a new layer.  Grab the shapes tool set at filled and make a square.
With the shapes selector set at square, antialias not checked, we want nice crisp corners,  select the inside of the square about 10 pixels.  from the edit menu choose cut, then paste as a new layer.
Rotate each layer separatly 45 degrees then scoot them apart a bit.  With the wand tool select the solid diamond.  Open your environment, in this case it was this water below, help yourself!  Go to the edit menu and choose copy.  ( I actually cropped out a smaller selection of this and copied it.)
With the jewel image active go to the edit menu and choose Paste Into Selection.
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