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    November 22, 1999                                                                                                                Medford, Oregon USA
Crater Lake Council   
Cub Scouts Pack 105 Newsletter Vol.1
We are into our third month of Scouting for this school year. We had a great turn out for back to school night and our pack sports thirty boys.  Our largest group is the Bears this year. The October Pack meeting was hosted by the Weblos who amazed us with scientific experiments.  Many awards were given for badges and segments the boys earned over the summer.  The Wolves did the Color Guard honors. 

The Bears hosted the November Pack meeting with their special military type Color Guard and a special commentary on the pledge of allegiance as quoted by Red Skelton. 

The Tigers will perform for the December Pack meeting and we will do "decorate the den leader". 

Our group is lively and we have some good parent participation this year.  We started off in early October with our popcorn show and sell and sold over $350.00 worth of popcorn, which earned the participants extra points and a pizza party!  All totalled we have over $2000.00 in sales.  WAY TO GO 105!!!  Awards will be given for the top five popcorn sellers. 

The boys were active in "Scouting for Food" and I expect that we will be passing out many segments at the December Pack meeting. The food pick up proved to be a lot of fun and a lot of work.  We had a truckload of food which we thought was supposed to be dropped off at the Medford National Guard Armory.  The boys and parents carted bag after broken bag into one of the Commanding Officers offices.  Cans and food everywhere, someone dropped and broke a jar of honey, the kids were troopers.  A different officer told us we should bring the food into the kitchen,  none of the personel at the Armory knew why we were there or what was going much for National Security!  The boys then carried all of the bags and loose cans into the kitchen when we were told that we needed to take the food elsewhere! Such troopers these boys are.  Now we had the dilema of not being sure where to take the food.  Steve backed the truck up to the kitchen delivery door and we, minus half of our crew, loaded the food into the back of the truck.  The convoy headed to Grocery Outlet, who also told us that we could not drop the food off, but that we could take it to the Salvation Army.  We all headed to the Salvation Army, our boys tired and hungry, and unloaded the food.  What a good feeling to see all of that food and know that it would go to the local hungry. Since we were all hungry by that time, we all headed to the local Burger King for lunch and Pokemon. 

Some things we are looking forward to this year. January should be fairly quiet.  February we look forward to Blue and Gold and our annual Snow Capades!  We have raised a fair amount of money so that all of the boys should be able to participte this year.  March we will probably have our annual desert auction.  One year someone paid 20 bucks for a giant cookie.  It is a lot of fun and a great fundraiser for our Pack.  Hopefully we will participate in the Pear Blossom Parade again this year. Last year we got 1st place for our division. A trophy sits in the showcase at Jefferson Elementary School. Finally and last but not least out beloved Pinewood Derby. 

Parents, don't forget to work with your boys toward thier achievements.  I know we are all very busy, but the boys are a worthwhile investment of time!


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